Aji Brazilian Starfish Pepper

SHU: 10,000
Home: Brazil, Peru

Here cometh that Aji Brazilian Starfish. It is a strange lil pep from Brazil, which should probably not come as a shock to you. Sources state it is Agent Mulder’s favorite pepper. The Aji Brazilian Starfish is very similar in weirdness, taste and shape to the Bishop’s Hat Pepper.

Weird and great taste!

Very chillwave, sweet and tasty, with a clean baccatum floral. Tastes almost like the nectar from honeysuckles. There seem to be a few different varieties of the Aji Brazilian Starfish floating around.

Compared to the posing specimen, some have more ridges along the side and are shaped like a pumpkin. Ripens from green to red. These are perfect for fresh snacking while you’re crying and watching Degrassi.

One of the weirdest and BEST peppers.

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