Bacterial Leaf Spot

I had it. Here’s some documentation on what it looks like. Generally caused by over watering, especially in conjunction with yellow leaves.

To fix this unless you follow the instructions very carefully, DO NOT TRY COPPER FUNGICIDE as you shouldn’t be ingesting excess copper! Of course, copper is a trace mineral your body needs but, you can certainly overdo it and destroy the plant in the process.

  • Remove the affected leaves.
  • If the plant is small enough to dig it out and you can be careful with the roots, put the plant in clean and looser soil like orchid bark or perlite–try to give the roots some oxygen!
  • Spray the roots with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Reduce your watering.
  • You can try neem oil and a little bit of soap, rinse with water.
  • Give good airflow to the plant if possible so it dries.
  • If it doesn’t get better quickly, ditch the plant. You don’t want it spreading! You can always grow another plant, but if it’s destroys all your plants you won’t be happy. 🥵

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