Blue Dasher Dragonfly

This Blue Dasher, also known as a Pachydiplax Longipennis, is a dragonfly that comes from the Skimmer family. If any entomologist happen to be perusing, I am aware this could be a Western Pondhawk. However, the thorax seems to confirm the Blue Dasher? Either way, would like it properly labeled.

Females and immature males are greenish on the face and thorax, with a brownish black abdomen marked along the top with two parallel lines of pale yellow to yellowish green dashes. Mature males are greenish on the face and thorax but the abdomen is pruinose blue. The wings are mostly clear but may be clouded with brownish yellow at the bases, especially on the hindwings. 1

These dragonflies will eat just about anything, but their main dish of delight in their aquatic larval stage is shitty mosquito larvae–making these insects extremely beneficial if you like to garden without getting the Zika Virus.

This specific specimen decided to do a bit of modeling for the camera. The raised abdomen position documented here is called the obelisk posture. It is used to prevent overheating on a hot Florida day. However, in the Blue Dasher, a raised abdomen may be either a response to heat or a threat display. 2


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