Dong Xuan Market Pepper

SHU: 10,000+

Hello, thank you for reading another fancy installment of the underground pepper blog. We are a bit sadwave because we are moving, but there is always peppers to spice up your life! You know what they say, home is where the fresh peppers are. Today, we have the Dong Xuan Market Pepper to review.

A little background on this dope pep. This pepper was allegedly discovered in the Chợ Đồng Xuân Market, which was built by French Imperialists™ in 1889. It is the largest covered market in Hà Nội, the capital and second largest city of Vietnam! It’s a place where you need to “Keep moving or you’ll get pushed out of the way.”

Hey Vietnam, nice one!

dong-xuan-market-02Now, the Dong Xuan Market Pepper is a great find. Some online databases have this listed as an annuum, however, we are quite sure it’s a baccatum. It’s a productive plant, and the fruits are substantial and thick.

It smells similar to the Rainforest Pepper, which immediately earned underground points from the team. It’s taste? Juicy and slightly sweet with a celery flavored sting, this pepper has all the lovely and mellow characteristics of the baccatum variety.


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