Peru Bitdumi Rocoto Pepper

SHU: 250,000 Estimated
Origin: Peru

There’s nothing quite like a rocoto pepper, and the Peru Bitdumi Rocoto is an amazing cultivar proving it. One of the most underground rocoto peppers you will find, there is not a lot of information about this one out there. Big Ups to Hydro Mode1 for the organic specimen.

Growing the Peru Bitdumi

What separates this plant from other rocoto plants is it seems to be less fussy, a damn fine trait to have. Not as large as other rocotos, on average around two inches. Exceptionally prolific, tough, early and can be grown in any climate.2 Like most other rocotos, it’s still a difficult pepper to grow.

Some field notes

The Peru Bitdumi is soft with a supple texture but thick skinned, similar to other rocotos like the Costa Rican Yellow Rocoto, or a even a tomato! Upon cutting open, it smells very close to a few dark red baccatum varieties. The Peru Bitdumi is also substantially juicy. The flavor is absolutely phenomenal: sweet, delicious and delicate with a surprising amount of heat! This left us basically in silence. One more interesting reaction on the first alarmingly heated bite is a nice round of coughing! What the actual fuck.

One of the only peppers where the placenta even looks enticing after getting a taste. Don’t eat the seeds though! Perfect for fresh snacking while walking through a 3D virtual plaza.


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