Datil Pepper

Say hello to the Habanero’s fun younger counterpart. More tropical flavor than the Habanero, but not as much heat. Eating a whole one fresh is possible with some practice, but these bastards can get quite hot–especially with a lot of sunlight during the summer. More similar to a lessor known Capsicum Chinese, the Fatalii. The pepper begins as a simple green and ripens to a nice orange.

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Cheiro Roxa Pepper

SHU: 100,000 estimated
Type: Capsicum Chinese

A super dope, rare and productive variety from Brazil. One of the most unique looking pepper plants you will ever come across! Dark purplish green leaves make this one quite strange. The Cheiro Roxa pods start off as a dank purple and eventually become a creamy pink color that’s quite amazing! Would be really interesting as a hybrid.

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Southern Black Racer Snake (Snakes on a Plant)

Name: Coluber Constrictor Priapus

I had a Garden of Eden thing going on this morning. Here’s a Southern Black Racer Snake relaxing on one of my Cheiro Roxa plants, a capsicum chinense with awesome flavor.

I got a little too close to the plant before I noticed it. These snakes are not poisonous, but can be aggressive if threatened. Luckily, this one was very chillwave. Might have just been before it’s morning coffee.

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Bhut Orange Copenhagen Pepper

SHU: 500,000 – 800,000 estimated

First time reviewing a ghost pepper on this underground pepper blog™. Also called BOC. Fairly underground. This pepper from Denmark means business. And by means business, I mean this orange bastard is ridiculously spicy. And tropically fruity! Has a great flavor for a ghost pepper.

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Trinidad Perfume Pepper

They look very spicy! However, biting into a fresh one is strange experience–tastes exactly like a Habanero or Scotch Bonnet without the heat!

Very juicy. Not as fruity as I was expecting. It is assumed Aji Dulce are quite similar in taste and heat level? Willeth thou pepper gods trahtne?

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CGN 21500 Pepper

SHU: 100,000 estimated
Type: Capsicum Chinese

Originated in Brazil. Fruity and extremely juicy. This pepper tastes very tropical, like a Habanero that was beat up by a can of Crystal Pepsi. An interesting and sexy spin on the chinense flavor–strong and clean.

In terms of heat, not as hot as the Habanero or more closely related Cheiro Roxa. Great for fresh snacking while contemplating the spookiness of quantum entanglement.

Ripens from reddish purple to a pretty peach pink color. A very futuristic little pepper, for sure.