Southern Black Racer Snake (Snakes on a Plant)

Name: Coluber Constrictor Priapus

I had a Garden of Eden thing going on this morning. Here’s a Southern Black Racer Snake relaxing on one of my Cheiro Roxa plants, a capsicum chinense with awesome flavor.

I got a little too close to the plant before I noticed it. These snakes are not poisonous, but can be aggressive if threatened. Luckily, this one was very chillwave. Might have just been before it’s morning coffee.

Are these beneficial?

In the words of Sarah Palin, “You betcha!” Experience trickle down ecology with the Southern Black Racer! Highly popular in the Southeast United States, and destroyer of common rodents, insects, frogs and lizards. They are a sign of a healthy garden. Very active during the daytime and very fast–hence, the name racer.

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