Aji Santa Cruz Pepper

rad-racer-sunsetThese bright red peppers remind me of the sunset level on Rad Racer, they’re that chill. And FAST.

One the largest baccatums I’ve seen. By far, one of the most underground and sexy peppers. They out there. However, in terms of spice, little or no heat to this one. Very mildwave.

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Southern Black Racer Snake (Snakes on a Plant)

Name: Coluber Constrictor Priapus

I had a Garden of Eden thing going on this morning. Here’s a Southern Black Racer Snake relaxing on one of my Cheiro Roxa plants, a capsicum chinense with awesome flavor.

I got a little too close to the plant before I noticed it. These snakes are not poisonous, but can be aggressive if threatened. Luckily, this one was very chillwave. Might have just been before it’s morning coffee.

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Rainforest Pepper

It’s the rainforest pepper! Extremely juicy and loaded with freaky fresh flavor. This yung baccatum packs a nice fruit taste with a dope presentation. Smaller pods with a weird bottom to them and quite thick skinned. This pep is a personal favorite of one of the cultivators of this underground internet blog™.

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Aji Brazilian Starfish Pepper

SHU: 10,000
Home: Brazil, Peru

Here cometh that Aji Brazilian Starfish. It is a strange lil pep from Brazil, which should probably not come as a shock to you. Sources state it is Agent Mulder’s favorite pepper. The Aji Brazilian Starfish is very similar in weirdness, taste and shape to the Bishop’s Hat Pepper.

Weird and great taste!

Very chillwave, sweet and tasty, with a clean baccatum floral. Tastes almost like the nectar from honeysuckles. There seem to be a few different varieties of the Aji Brazilian Starfish floating around.

Compared to the posing specimen, some have more ridges along the side and are shaped like a pumpkin. Ripens from green to red. These are perfect for fresh snacking while you’re crying and watching Degrassi.

One of the weirdest and BEST peppers.

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