Peru Bitdumi Rocoto Pepper

SHU: 250,000 Estimated
Origin: Peru

There’s nothing quite like a rocoto pepper, and the Peru Bitdumi Rocoto is an amazing cultivar proving it. One of the most underground rocoto peppers you will find, there is not a lot of information about this one out there. Big Ups to Hydro Mode1 for the organic specimen.

Growing the Peru Bitdumi

What separates this plant from other rocoto plants is it seems to be less fussy, a damn fine trait to have. Not as large as other rocotos, on average around two inches. Exceptionally prolific, tough, early and can be grown in any climate.2 Like most other rocotos, it’s still a difficult pepper to grow.

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Red Cherry Marigold

Name: Tagetes patula

A commonly grown, non-invasive french variety. Originally a sacred flower of the Aztecs.

Beneficial in the garden?

You bet. The roots repel nematodes and the flowers can act as a decoy or, strawman for Japanese beetles to protect your other crops.

… marigolds are best known for their ability to suppress plant-parasitic nematodes. Marigold roots release the chemical alpha-terthienyl, one of the most toxic naturally occurring compounds found to date (Gommers and Bakker, 1988). 1



Red Torch Sunflowers

Name: Tithonia rotundifolia

From the Asteraceae family of flowers. Tithonia rotundifolia is the genus and species. Also known as the Golden Flower of the Aztecs. This sunflower is native to Florida, Louisiana, Mexico, Central America and the West Indies.1

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Dong Xuan Market Pepper

SHU: 10,000+

Hello, thank you for reading another fancy installment of the underground pepper blog. We are a bit sadwave because we are moving, but there is always peppers to spice up your life! You know what they say, home is where the fresh peppers are. Today, we have the Dong Xuan Market Pepper to review.

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Aji Omnicolor Pepper

SHU: 50,000
Type: Capsicum Baccatum
Home: Peru

The Aji Omnicolor is quite a nice yung pep which has seemed to grow in popularity over the years. Let me tell you why. This little jerkface goes through the colors purple, palewave yellow, then orange, and finally settling on red, which is quite neat. They apparently have different flavors at every color as well.

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Rainforest Pepper

It’s the rainforest pepper! Extremely juicy and loaded with freaky fresh flavor. This yung baccatum packs a nice fruit taste with a dope presentation. Smaller pods with a weird bottom to them and quite thick skinned. This pep is a personal favorite of one of the cultivators of this underground internet blog™.

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Aji Brazilian Starfish Pepper

SHU: 10,000
Home: Brazil, Peru

Here cometh that Aji Brazilian Starfish. It is a strange lil pep from Brazil, which should probably not come as a shock to you. Sources state it is Agent Mulder’s favorite pepper. The Aji Brazilian Starfish is very similar in weirdness, taste and shape to the Bishop’s Hat Pepper.

Weird and great taste!

Very chillwave, sweet and tasty, with a clean baccatum floral. Tastes almost like the nectar from honeysuckles. There seem to be a few different varieties of the Aji Brazilian Starfish floating around.

Compared to the posing specimen, some have more ridges along the side and are shaped like a pumpkin. Ripens from green to red. These are perfect for fresh snacking while you’re crying and watching Degrassi.

One of the weirdest and BEST peppers.

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