Yellow Aji Fantasy Pepper

SHU: 5,000
Origin: Finland

A fine specimen, cultivated by Jukka at This variety is NOT open source.

I own plant breeders rights (PBR) for this variety which means that I have the privilege to decide how it can be used commercially. PBR is a “patent for plants”. 1

How does it taste?

The yellow variety is crunchy and fruity ajíwave awesomeness! It’s earthy and mild, with a clean baccatum flavor. Absolutely perfect for fresh snacking while playing Final Fantasy VII. One of the best.

Unfortunately, they will not be available for purchase anytime soon in the local ShopRite! That is, until Jukka starts a grow operation overseas or licenses distribution rights. Get it together Jukka, I would buy these things by the pound!

On pepper law

You’re probably not thinking, are these plant breeders rights enforceable? It appears that Pepper Law could side with the plaintiff, depending upon how skilled your Pepper Lawyer and Pepper Technical Consultants are in the hot seat.

Sidebar Commentary:

A sure bet is a veteran Monsanto attorney! How about our Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas? He was a corporate lawyer for Monsanto in the 1970s.

upovAnyhow, the reason is the US and Finland both are a part of The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), an intergovernmental organization which seeks to protect plant varieties. The plant breeders rights offers protection in the form of commercial monopolization to offset the work and cost of stabilizing a new variety.

Protection allows the breeder to try to recover the costs associated with the development of the variety. Also, it aims to provide an incentive to individuals or companies to invest in plant breeding, thereby providing a positive stimulus in the plant breeding industry. 3

It’s for the greater good.

But what about the mutants?

There are already many other online distributors selling seeds of the Yellow Aji Fantasy, however it’s unknown if other Aji Fantasy types will fall under the same patent restrictions. Enter stage left one new cultivar, the Sparkly White Aji Fantasy.

This variety is a white mutation originally cultivated by, and is only available on the site when using the German language in the shop. Jukka is of course selling these seeds too, in addition to others.

Semillas La Palma exklusiv!! Weiße Mutante von Capsicum baccatum cv. Aji Fantasy… 4

No Pepper advice

This website contains general information about pepper legal matters.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

3 Kiran Sharma, Prof,Tanmoy, Bera, Randhir Dahiya, and Saurabh Bhatia. Modern Applications of Plant Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Academic Press, 2015.

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