Lemon Drop Pepper

SHU: 50,000
Origin: Peru

A bit spicy and a pungent baccatum!  Another Peruvian favorite. Also called the Aji Limon, or Kellu Uchu in Peru.

Similar to the Aji Cito or Aji Pineapple, but, a sharper taste. Very floral and tastes a bit like lemons, especially when cooked. To clear up any confusion relating to similarly spelled pods, check this out.

Aji Limo is usually a red C.chinense. Aji Limon is a yellow Chinense, also known as CGN 19211. It is also know as Hot Lemon Habanero. Aji Lemon or Lemon Drop is a Baccatum, also known as CGN 17036. 1

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